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Human Growth Hormone injections

Using HGH injections is the most modern way to prevent a Human Growth Hormone deficiency.

Some products come in a premixed pen presentation and some as a vial that has the hormone and the bacteristic water and needs to be mixed manually. You can feel free to choose the presentation that fits you the most.

Almost every Human Growth Hormone injections are measured in two different forms: International Units and milligrams. Once you have your injection ready, it is important that you must know the difference between International Units and milligrams so you can be sure of the dose you are taking. The relation between IU’s and milligrams is very simple, 0.33 milligrams are 1 IU (International Unit), this means that in 1 milligram there are 3 IU’s.

It is recommended that you should use each injection as directed by a professional. Do it carefully and change the injection site regularly.

Human Growth Hormone injections have been proved to show results in the first weeks of use.