HGH Pens

HGH Pens Typically, synthetic HGH is administered via injection with syringes using long, thick needles which is a painful experience, but with HGH pens, the case is different. HGH pens also have needles, but they are usually short, and confer almost no pain when used. They are simple, reliable and safe to use. With HGH […]

HGH In Sports

HGH In Sports The use of HGH for sporting activities and competitions has been a controversial topic for years now. This is because it is believed to give its users an edge over non-users when it comes to athletic build and performance. Use of HGH by athletes may help with reducing body fat, increasing lean […]

HGH For Kids

HGH For Kids Why do children need HGH? Under normal conditions, kids produce quite a large amount of natural growth hormone because it is vital to proper growth and development. Some kids may, however, require supplements of HGH to correct growth hormone deficiencies, idiopathic short stature, and other syndromes that may impede growth. What is […]

HGH Deficiency Symptoms Pt.2

Symptoms of growth hormone deficiency:  When we discuss symptoms of growth hormone deficiency, it is not only about short stature of child or low levels of energy in adults. In addition to these manifestations of growth hormone deficiency, there are many associated symptoms which can guide us towards the exact cause of the deficiency of […]

HGH And Weight Loss

HGH And Weight Loss Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a type of hormone that performs many functions. In addition to its role in cell regeneration, muscle growth, improved heart function, and regulating blood sugar levels, HGH also aids weight loss by triggering processes that breakdown fats and lipids in the body. Naturally, middle-aged people tend […]

HGH And The Lungs

HGH And The Lungs Unlike the relationship between HGH and essential body organs like the brain, heart, and liver, the relationship between HGH and the lungs isn’t a much discussed topic. There are however, a few points to be made about the effects on HGH and lung function. The lung is the major organ of […]

HGH And The Liver

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) And The Liver HGH has a very solid effect on the human liver, and these effects have been studied for years by the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Research on the connection between HGH and the liver suggest that liver cells (hepatocytes) secrete insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) hormone in response to the […]

HGH And The Heart

HGH And The Heart Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been linked to the heart in both good and bad ways. As the super hormone that it is, HGH performs anabolic activities in the human system, and the results include inceased bone and muscle density, fresh, smooth skin, proper hair color and growth, and dozens of […]

HGH And Nerve Damage

HGH And Nerve Damage Nerve damage or injury, also known as Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition that describes a malfunction in the nerves of the arms, feet, and other nerves of the peripheral nervous system. This malfunction may manifest itself in form of paralysis, numbness of arms and legs, weakness, pain, and a burning sensation. […]

HGH and Hair Growth

HGH and Hair Growth Hair growth is largely affected by the presence of HGH. To debunk the myths and rumors surrounding the effects of HGH on hair growth, HGH does not slow down hair growth, neither does it cause hair loss. In fact, HGH promotes hair growth, and the gray, short and thin hair observed […]