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The truth (with official data) about the use of HGH

Human growth hormone is defined in the field of medicine as somatropin, a substance obtained through recombinant DNA technologies. HGH acts as an anabolic and anti-catabolic agent, which stimulates bone growth and increases the number and size of muscle cells in children with growth hormone deficiency. This results in an increase in the patient´s final height. It is also indicated in adults with growth hormone deficit, in children with Prader Willi syndrome or in growth retardation in children and adolescents associated with congenital, genetic, acquired or idiopathic growth hormone deficit, Turner syndrome or chronic renal failure. Let´s see next, official information on the use of HGH and an objective conclusion for potential consumers:

There have been several recent epidemiological studies around the world, aimed at improving knowledge about recombinant growth hormone and the assessment of the health of young people treated with drugs containing this hormone in childhood. One of them, which was conducted over the past decade, identified 10,000 individuals treated with growth hormone between 1985 and 1995, of which about 7,000 could be covered in the study. U.S. regulatory agencies publicly reported that the preliminary results of this study indicated that patients with certain types of diseases associated with short stature who were treated with GH during their childhood and followed over a long period had no increased risk of death when compared to the rest of their population.

The FDA has not deemed it necessary to take regulatory action against HGH at this time, because patients on the drug have not experienced any serious side effects, even after years of using the hormone. The AEMPS reports that, prescribers should follow the therapeutic indications and doses that have been authorized for these drugs. In conclusion, the FDA, with the data that are available today, believes that the risk-benefit ratio of such medication is justified, as there have been no major complications. We remind you that the maximum dose of somatropin is 15 IU per day and should not be exceeded. We have the best experts on the subject at your disposal to help you carry out an effective treatment.

So, we come to the end of this article where we have discovered the most relevant statistical data in the United States on the studies that have been conducted on the use of HGH and how the FDA approves the consumption of this hormone, due to its great benefits and few risks.