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HGH side effects

When you reach adulthood, your Human Growth Hormone natural production starts to decrease over time. Even though you are not physically developing anymore, HGH is still responsible for memory function, sleep, energy, hair pigmentation, sexual function and desire, brain function, bone health, cholesterol levels and more.

Using a HGH treatment is safe as long as you are using it with responsibility and you are constantly monitored by a professional.

If you are considering to start using HGH as a treatment, it is important to know that there are risks of side effects if you are not using the right dose for you or if you’re not following your doctor’s instructions.

Some of the side effects may include:
o Headaches
o Feeling of burning in injection side
o Nausea
o Skin irritation
o Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
o Fluid retention

If you start feeling any of these symptoms, speak with your doctor so you can adjust your dosage of stop the treatment.