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Injectable HGH Norditropin Nordiflex pen

Novo Nordisk is a Danish company that manufactures pharmaceutical products to export all over the world. Their headquarters is sited in Bagsværd, Denmark, but they have offices and other locations in the US.

Norditropin is the form of Somatropin design and manufactured by this European lab and it comes in two different pen options that are destined for different markets. Nevertheless the color based codes that mark the size of the content on each pen remains the same. That is orange for the 5 mg pen, blue for the 10 mg, green for the 15 mg and purple for the largest pen that contains 30 mg of hormone.

The Norditropin Nordiflex Pro is a pen designed specifically for an American market. It has a dial that shows exactly how much hormone you’re getting with each injection. It is a solid color, depending on the size of the pen and it uses special needles that the lab provides with each pen for its proper and clean use. The activation mechanism works while clicking one side of the pen to get the desired dose.

On the other hand The Norditropin Nordiflex is a pen designed for a Latin American market but that contains the same compound as the Nordiflex Pro. The mechanism of use is the same as you have to click it a couple times on one end to get your dose and have to push a little button that releases the hormone for the injection. Norditropin Nordiflex does not include a dial that shows the dose you get per click but it is very simple to calculate since it releases the same amount per click as 0.2 IU’s on the 5 mg, 0.4 IU’s on the 10 mg and 0.6 IU’s on the 15 mg.

Both pens use the same type of needles, a very thin and non-invasive one that makes the process of injection a lot less painful and easier. They have to be refrigerated prior to use and can be out of the fridge up to 21 days after its first use.