Side Effects of HGH

Asides cases of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) deficiency disorders, natural HGH levels have zero or very little harmful effects on healthy living. Lab-synthesized HGH, also known as recombinant HGH (rHGH), however, may have mild to severe side effects, largely due to misuse and inappropriate administration. High levels of HGH in the system could be dangerous, and even fatal in some cases. Some of the side effects of excess and unregulated HGH use include:

High levels of cholesterol in the body

Increased risk of cancer

Stroke and a couple of other nervous system conditions

Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases

Increased insulin resistance, which subsequently leads to Type 2 Diabetes

Muscle, joint, and nerve pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Swelling of limbs (arms and legs) due to accumulation and retention of fluids

Liver damage

Acromegaly (children) and dwarfism in adults

Enlarged heart

Gynecomastia (swelling of breasts in men)

All the above side effects are the reasons why athletes should make conscious and cautious decisions about the use of HGH for body building. Individuals using rHGH for disease conditions or other health benefits should also be careful with the dosage of HGH injections they use, because the side effects could prove to be worse than the initial condition.

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