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Norditropin Pen for Sale

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2-5mg Pens Total 30 IU $610.00
3-5mg Pens Total 45 IU $840.00
5-5mg Pens Total 75 IU $1,310.00
1-10mg Pen Total 30 IU $590.00
3-10mg Pens Total 90 IU $1,620.00
5-10mg Pens Total 150 IU $2,535.00

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2-5mg Vials Total 30 IU $630.00
4-5mg Vials Total 60 IU $1,160.00
6-5mg Vials Total 90 IU $1,560.00
1-12mg Vial Total 36 IU $760.00
3-12mg Vials Total 108 IU $2,010.00

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2-5.3mg Vials Total 32 IU $630.00
4-5.3mg Vials Total 64 IU $1,160.00
6-5.3mg Vials Total 96 IU $1,620.00

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10-1.33mg Vials Total 40 IU $660.00
20-1.33mg Vials Total 80 IU $1,160.00
30-1.33mg Vials Total 120 IU $1,560.00

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Norditropin 5mg for sale

Norditropin 10mg for sale

Humatrope 5mg for sale


novo nordisk

Novo Nordisk Norditropin Nordiflex is a good way to administer HGH from a US Company with over 75 years of experience. They carry the 5mg, 10mg and 15mg pens.


Genotropin is made by Pfizer, they have the genotropin pen and other kind of applicators, check with our sales department to know more about HGH applicators.

Lilly Humatrope

Humatrope 5mg and 12mg Vials by Lilly are the most effective injectable HGH from the 9th largest pharma business around the world.


We send your order out with FedEx Overnight Delivery. Our shipping cost per order is $60 USD and you will get your package the next day before 1pm.


Pisa Pharmaceutical is the best option when you like to reconstitute the hormone by yourself, they carry the 4iu vials.


We have UPS too, it is a good option for our overnight shipping, the cost is around $75 usd per package and you can get your package next day at 12pm.


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Injectable HGH for Sale

When looking for HGH Pens For Sale online, there is many options to choose from. The difference between HGH injections, HGH sprays, HGH supplements, and HGH releasers is huge, so you really want to know before you buy any kind.

Real Human Growth Hormone comes in the form of a lyophilized powder (white powder), then you need to reconstitute it so it can be active and this process can be only made using with special water called bacteriostatic water. Human Growth Hormone injections can deliver super real results, ven if you find HGH in many forms as pills, supplements like oral or gel, it is known all around the world that Injectable HGH is the best one.

With injectable HGH usually the areas that need improvement or reinforcement are where HGH helps the most. People with low sexual libido, find themselves with an increase energy and better sexual performance with HGH therapy.

HGH Benefits


What is Human Growth Hormone?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH), also known as Somatotropin is naturally produced by the body, but the need to administer extra amounts of this super hormone led to the synthesis of laboratory HGH, scientifically known as recombinant HGH (rHGH). However, as a result of the expensive and delicate nature of the 191-amino acids in the hormone, rHGH couldn’t be stored carelessly in nylon bags and plastic containers, that’s why small bottles made up of glass or heavy duty plastic were designed to store and keep rHGH safe for use. Depending on the brand and size of HGH vial, there are various amounts of HGH powders. Saizen had 4iu vials in the past, now, Saizen only carries 6mg, 8mg and 12mg vials, Serotism has a 5mg or 6mg vial, while some others may contain just 4mg of HGH powder in their vials.

Users of HGH may have to reconstitute (mix) their vials of lyophilized HGH themselves before injection. This process is a really complex one because liquid Somatotropin molecules are really delicate. They degrade easily at the slightest exposure to heat and vigorous shaking. Here are some tips to remember to keep your HGH vials in good shape: - Do not freeze your liquid HGH vial, however, it is necessary to refrigerate constantly to prevent the risk of denaturation

- Avoid dropping or vigorously shaking liquid HGH vials, you can swirl gently to dissolve the contents of your vial.

- While reconstituting your vial, do not inject the water directly into the powder. Rather, target the walls of the HGH vials, and let the water settle gently into the bottle.

- Avoid bubbling of the contents of the HGH while reconstituting.

Note: HGH users should always use bacteriostatic water or sterile water reconstitute their vials, so as to prevent contamination with potentially harmful bacteria, viruses, or fungi.

If you want to know more HGH give us a call to 619-819-6169 to Buy HGH Injections

Buy Norditropin Pen

Customer Reviews

Andy Henderson

I cant describe what it is to use human growth hormone, the truth is that I absolutely love it. My skin looks better, I feel Im in a better mood all the time and also my sexual life has changed and by that I mean I feel so confident now. Thank you guys for giving me the best advice.

Donald Park

You gotta try this guys, HGH will change your life completely! It did for me. My memory is strong, Im sleeping like a baby now and the best part is the bone help and muscle definition Im getting. I workout only 3 times a week but that´s enough to see results!

Steve Miller

I normally use HGH 6 months on and 1 off and I found that brings me the best results. Also I dont notice much difference using the pens or the vials but some people do, I guess is because they are used to a specific brand. Anyway HGH rocks!

Trent Wilson

Stop buying from overseas and save the hassle, these guys handle everything! Im 44 and I feel like Im in my 20´s, I always had problems with my knee but since I started using 2 iu´s a day for 5 days a week my life changed! Im faster and that horrible pain has gone for good!

Katy Brown

At first I started using HGH because I wanted to lose weight fast but then I started feeling other benefits such as better sleep and better skin looking and I couldn’t be any happier. I am not leaving hgh theraphy!

James Hartgrove

I am a bodybuilder and my goals were to get strong and have visible muscles faster. Human growth hormone was just the perfect therapy for me to gain those results in a short period of time and it also helped me to do a better performance with my training.

Kitzia Hall

I am 46 years old and I wanted to reverse the signs of aging with Botox injections and more and I just couldn’t get the results I wanted. A friend recommended me Human growth hormone therapy and now it’s been 6 months since I first started using it and everybody I know keeps telling me I look younger and my skin looks healthier.

Cristina Dean

I had overweight and tried everything to get rid of it: diets, exercise, miracle juices and nothing really helped me. When I discovered Human growth hormone I was skeptical at first but along with exercise and a regular diet I lost the weight I wanted in a short period of time. I feel healthier, prettier and happier. Human growth hormone has been a miracle to me and I am very thankful for that!

Brian Acton

Since I started using HGH I noticed results in all areas of my life, I started sleeping much better, my bone density and my muscle grew up and I feel like a champion now. Thank God I found HGH Distributor, they have the best customer service and they also helped me with all my doubts on the phone.

Jacqueline Hill

These guys are the best! I bought my Humatrope 3 months ago and I couldn’t be happier, the vials are very easy to mix and also you can decide how much water to use, the box comes with 5ml out of water but you can make it stronger using only 3ml, I’m so happy that my body is reacting so good to it.

Dennis Johnson

I discovered HGH through a friend of mine, he told me about all the benefits, I was a little skeptical at the beginning, human growth hormone doesn’t work overnight like other products, you need to be consistent with your dose and diet, I feel amazing because after 6 months I got the body I always dreamed of!

Timothy Connor

The HGH Norditropin pens are the easiest to use, I always use them in the morning with my coffee, I dial the device until I get the dose I want, then just put the needle and inject, It takes me less than 2 minutes to get the HGH into my system, Im so glad I get the pens, when I travel they are the best option also, I love my pens, and HGH Distributor has given me the best customer service there it is.

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