Genotropin C 5.3 mg 16 UI mL Somatropin packaging by Pfizer.


Genotropin HGH


Genotropin is a growth hormone treatment. It is a man-made copy of natural growth hormone.

As we already know, growth hormone is a substance made by every human body because its made on the pituitary gland. We can found this little gland at the very bottom of our brains.

We carry the 5.33mg Genotropin vials which is 16iu. Additional, we also sell the 12mg Genotropin that is equal to 36ius.

Many customer choose Genotropin because they like to mix the vials, just remember, when you do this, there is no need to shake the vial around, you only swirl the vials after you put the water inside, and this is only to make the hormone mixed slowly.

After this, you can put the hormone in the fridge, remember to put it at the very end of your fridge, not at the door, because just in case you have any kids, they open the door several times a day.

Genotropin C 5.3 mg 16 UI Somatropin packaging by Pfizer.


2-5.3mg Vials$760.00Total 32 IU
4-5.3mg Vials$1,380.00Total 64 IU
6-5.3mg Vials$1,950.00Total 96 IU

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