Benefits of HGH

The anabolic properties and vast area of operation of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), also known as Somatotropin makes it one of the most important hormones of the human system. Remove HGH from a human body and you’ll be left with a dysfunctional, weak, and unhealthy structure doomed to crash anytime soon.

HGH is produced naturally, but it can also be artificially administered for various reasons. Some of the benefits of natural or artificial HGH are:

  • Regulation of blood sugar (glucose) levels
  • Creating and maintaining good skin qualities and appearance
  • Burning excess abdominal fat and lipids
  • Speeding up the healing of injuries
  • Repair of muscle tissues after vigorous exercise
  • Building bone density and muscle mass
  • Stimulating healthy growth of kids
  • Increasing hair growth rate and restoring original hair color
  • Mood boosting and reducing depression.

Most of the benefits of HGH are based on its ability to build up growth factors, amino acids, proteins, and also to initiate the breakdown of some of these compounds.

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