Does HGH reduce inflammation?

Inflammations are localized superficial conditions in which the skin swells, reddens, and become irritable, sometimes causing pain. It is a form of response by the body’s immune system to a foreign body such as infections by harmful bacteria, or toxins. Inflammations are part of the normal response of the body to superficial or internal wounds, and putting it under control is one of the ways through which HGH deals helps in treating and curing wounds quickly.

Several landmark researches have been made on the effects of HGH on inflammation of a living system, it has been concluded that HGH may have anti-inflammatory activities as a result of increase in the levels of anti-inflammatory adipokines such as adipnectin, omentin, and TNF-related proteins, produced by the adipose tissue.

Reducing inflammation and the pain that comes with it is a path to healing wounds and injuries, even if they are not superficial. Users of recombinant HGH (rHGH) have the special potential to heal faster from wounds as a result of the hormone’s anti-inflammatory properties, however, it would be wrong and extreme to use rHGH only for the purpose of wound healing. It could lead to severe side effects that are even worse than the initial wound or injury.

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