Man lifting weights at the gym while using HGH for muscle growth

HGH And The Lungs

Unlike the relationship between HGH and essential body organs like the brain, heart, and liver, the relationship between HGH and the lungs isn’t a much discussed topic. There are however, a few points to be made about the effects on HGH and lung function.

The lung is the major organ of the pulmonary system, and its proper function is key to human health. While many sources may claim that HGH has zero effect on lung functions, HGH may actually have an effect on diseased lungs. Apart from its endocrine functions in regulating somatic growth, HGH also performs autocrine functions in promoting living functions and overall pulmonary functions.

Researchers (Chian-Hung Chien et al. 2019) have also experimentally demonstrated that up-regulation of HGH levels in the lungs of lab mice may enhance the proliferation and maglinancy of murine melanoma cells (skin cancer cells) and nodule formation in pulmonary metastasis of melanoma.

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