HGH for Anti-Aging: The Molecular Fountain of Youth

Everybody wishes to stay young and healthy throughout his life. Youth is the peak time of everyone’s life. You are full of zeal and energy and have the full potential to achieve anything you want.

But time has never stopped for anyone. You also age and get older as time passes. You get wrinkles on your skin, become unable to walk as much, and many more frailties.

This is due to specific changes in your body composition. One of the changes is low levels of hormones that keep you active and energetic.

Many aging experts believe that declined levels of growth hormone (HGH) is the key factor in the aging process, and stemming the diminished HGH levels as they were in youth years can slow down the process of aging and rejuvenate the older people’s life.

Nowadays, it is a prevalent practice among elderly adults to use HGH supplements to get back into their youth years. But the results are conflicting. If overused for an extended period, It can do more harm than benefit, causing serious adverse effects.

The Fountain of Youth: HGH

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a peptide hormone that promotes your body to grow. It increases cell retention, repair, reproduction, and metabolism. It makes your muscles, bones, neurons, and every other body organ grow and reach its optimum size. It makes you look young, active, and full of energy.

Naturally, HGH levels are at peak around puberty and then keep declining with age. It is this hormone that fills youthfulness in your youth years. That’s why HGH is famous as the molecular fountain of youth.

Anti-Aging Effects of HGH

Many aging experts claim that HGH has many anti-aging effects when used in appropriate doses. It helps get rid of obesity, a common problem in the older generation, by burning the fat stores of the body. It also adds to the lean muscle mass (but not muscle strength). It makes your skin look younger by less wrinkling of the skin. It boosts the libido and sex drive in older adults. It also avoids baldness by preventing hair loss of old age. It makes you feel and look younger.

HGH, theoretically, can slow aging by these effects and make you look younger, but the results are not much significant.

HGH Slows Aging?

In 1990, Daniel Rudman claimed in his study that HGH injections in many older adults increased their muscle mass, decreased their fat stores, and made them feel young and energetic.

This study was boomed up by media and the supplement industry with so many exaggerated claims. And that perception about HGH as an anti-aging substance still prevails among the older generation.

However, subsequent studies dampened this claim and showed conflicting results.

Maybe HGH can somewhat slow the aging process, but side effects always outweigh the benefits. That’s why the FDA does not approve HGH as an anti-aging substance. Some studies have also shown that an excess amount of HGH can shorten your life rather than making you live longer.

Side Effects of HGH

Every drug has some side effects. The same is with HGH. When used over a long period, it can cause severe headaches, vision changes, gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in the male), joint and muscle pain, swelling the arms and legs, and poses a significant risk of Diabetes and heart attack.

These side effects, for sure, outweigh the minor anti-aging benefits of HGH. Therefore the use of HGH as an anti-aging substance is not approved by the FDA. Hence it is illegal to use HGH for anti-aging purposes.

The Bottom Line

Although HGH may show some anti-aging effects, the side effects outweigh the side effects. FDA does not approve HGH as an anti-aging substance. If you see a doctor who prescribes HGH for anti-aging, you should look for another doctor.

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