HGH In Sports

The use of HGH for sporting activities and competitions has been a controversial topic for years now. This is because it is believed to give its users an edge over non-users when it comes to athletic build and performance. Use of HGH by athletes may help with reducing body fat, increasing lean body mass, unnatural recovery from injury and fatigue, etc. It has also been proven to enhance endurance.

All these effects of HGH clearly affect the balance and fairness in sports, and that is why there are strict anti-doping rules and regulations that frequently test players for elevated amounts of HGH in their systems.

Since HGH is naturally found in the body, and exercise by athletes significantly increases its production, it is somewhat difficult to determine if the current HGH level in athletes during testing is natural, or from an external source (doping). They however, have their ways of determining unnatural HGH levels in the system of athletes.

Players that are found guilty of HGH abuse are disqualified, suspended or totally banned from sporting activities. Organizations such as the International Olympic Committee, Major League Baseball, UEFA, and the World Anti-doping Agency all have tight restrictions on the use of any performance enhancing drugs including HGH and steroids. The use of HGH in sports is generally unethical and may lead to serious sanctions and ramifications.

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