Precautions Before Taking Somatropin

As you know we are a distributor of different brands of somatropin, we want to make sure you take certain precautions before taking this recombinant human growth hormone.

This hormone is beneficial for all age groups but you should follow the necessary guidelines before using it, the results will be wonderful.

The very first thing you should keep in mind before taking somatropin is that you are not allergic to it or benzyl alcohol. If this is the case, you must consult an endocrinologist near you.

If you are a patient of diabetes mellitus you should not take this drug before consulting with your specialist. The use of HGH is associated with increased resistance to insulin. The patients suffering from this disease or having impaired glucose tolerance should be observed closely. Sometimes, we need adjustment of insulin or oral hypoglycemic drugs.

Some studies show that a negligible percentage of people who were using this drug developed hypothyroidism and when their thyroid function tests were checked, they were deranged. Such patients should be monitored during therapy. In the presence of hypothyroidism optimal response of this hormone is difficult to achieve.

In some patients, intracranial pressure is increased which may lead to the development of papilledema. If you experience visual changes during therapy, you should consult your ophthalmologist for necessary workup and management accordingly.

As we know this hormone increases growth rate in children so it can develop scoliosis in children. Children with a history of scoliosis can experience the progression of this abnormality. Scoliosis is defined as a medical condition in which our vertebral column or backbone is curved sideways. The curve may be “C” or “S” shaped.

Some other problems which you should tell your doctor before using this hormone are listed below:

Brain tumor

Head injury

Breathing problems

Pituitary gland disorder

Active cancer

You should inform your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

With the help of this article, we have tried our best to educate you about the necessary precautions. You can also read about different brands such as Norditropin, Genotropin, and Saizen which we deal with.

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